CES 2019: Intel details autonomous vehicle trial in Israel


Intel's Mobileye is trialling autonomous vehicles on the streets of Jerusalem in a bid to test safety systems and navigation around heavy traffic and "aggressive" driving, Intel SVP and GM of Network Platforms Sandra Rivera told ZDNet. Speaking with ZDNet at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Rivera said Intel is working with the Israeli government to ensure a safer environment for autonomous vehicles through Mobileye's open Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) software model. "In Israel, one of the things that we're doing ... is how do we really provide the data to support the fact that these vehicles are safe," she said. "Then how do we also have the data to support the fact that in real city driving and congested areas and even some aggressive driving that happens in Jerusalem, that you can actually have a vehicle behave in the way that a person would, either in terms of merging in or anticipating cars that are trying to merge in ahead of you." Such driving decisions that humans take for granted are being implemented through advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), she told ZDNet.