An A.I. Just Busted Real Poker Pros, But That's Good News Nerdist


Any poker player with a winning bankroll will tell you that to become a true great at the table, you uncover what opponents are trying to hide -- noticing a slight physical tic, or the way one shuffles their chips, or even how they breathe. Those "tells" can reveal as much to an elite poker pro as if their opponent turned over their hand and showed them their cards. The best of the best understand and play the game on a level few will ever truly achieve. And a bunch of them just got their asses kicked by an advanced artificial intelligence program. As reported by New Scientist, the AI program Libratus from Carnegie Melon University has now bested four professional players after 120,000 hands in a 20-day, no-limit Texas Hold'em heads-up tournament (the AI played directly against one player at a time, with each rotating through).

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