AustCyber says digital trust required to boost Aussie economy


Fresh from Prime Minister Scott Morrison telling Australians the country was under attack from an unnamed state actor and pledging AU$1.35 billion to boost local cybersecurity capabilities, AustCyber has touted the importance of digital trust in securing the nation's economy. AustCyber is a non-profit organisation charged with growing a local cybersecurity ecosystem and facilitating its global expansion. "Australia's digital infrastructure and the data it carries are core to the value and growth of the nation's economy," AustCyber CEO Michelle Price said in Australia's Digital Trust Report 2020. "The growing economic dependency on the digital domain has an intrinsic relationship with the trust users and consumers have in it and therefore the security, privacy, and resilience of the infrastructure and data." According to Price, a globally competitive Australian cybersecurity sector will ultimately underpin the future success of every industry in the national economy.

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