Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey slammed for praising anti-vaxxer after appearing on his podcast

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been slammed for praising a fitness writer who claimed vaccines cause autism after appearing on his podcast. The Twitter boss, 42, retweeted a post from fitness personality Ben Greenfield promoting his appearance on his podcast, saying the pair had a'great conversation.' Almost immediately, the post attracted scrutiny from users who blasted Dorsey for sitting down for an interview with Greenfield, despite his track record of promoting widely refuted anti-vaccination theories. Dorsey's decision comes as other Silicon Valley giants, ranging from Facebook and YouTube to Pinterest, have all taken sweeping steps to crack down on the spread of'anti-vaxxer' content on their platforms. 'Great conversation, and appreciate all you do to simplify the mountain of research focused on increasing one's healthspan!