Fiverr Relies on SageMaker to Streamline and Simplify Machine Learning Models Amazon Web Services


When it came time for Fiverr to analyze the data around user behavior on its platform, the freelance services website did what many modern businesses do in terms of recruiting the right tool for the task: they engaged Amazon Web Services's SageMaker. Amazon SageMaker is an API that enables developers and data scientists to readily build, train, and deploy machine learning models to serve any need and at any scale. "This was a very important milestone for us because, moving forward, we want this to be the standard in the data science deployment and all our predictive modeling," says Eran Abikhzer-Agam, head of data at Fiverr. "We want our data scientists to be completely independent as much as possible, and SageMaker allowed us to do that." Like any online business, Fiverr was interested in streamlining the user experience on its platform, tracking user behavior, and predicting when a customer might need a bit of help.