Meta's latest AI model will make content available in hundreds of languages


Meta has open-sourced an AI model that can translate across 200 different languages, the company announced Wednesday -- a move that should open up different technologies and digital content to a much wider audience. The model, called No Language Left Behind, can translate across 200 languages, including 55 African languages, with high-quality results. "A handful of languages -- including English, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic -- dominate the web," the company noted in a blog post. "Native speakers of these very widely spoken languages may take for granted how meaningful it is to read something in your own mother tongue. NLLB will help more people read things in their preferred language, rather than always requiring an intermediary language that often gets the sentiment or content wrong." Meta is of course using NLLB to improve its own products, but by open sourcing the model, technologists can use it to build other tools -- like an AI assistant that works well in languages such as Javanese and Uzbek, or closed captioning in Swahili or Oromo for Bollywood movies.

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