Equian Announces AI Platform for P&C Subrogation


Equian, a provider of P&C payment integrity solutions announced that its Data Analytics Division created the first NLP based AI platform called EquianAI built exclusively for the P&C subrogation market. EquianAI's greatest impact is improving operational performance and recovery cycle times, and it easily integrates into existing workflows with minimal technology resources required. Equian's Subject Matter Experts worked alongside the Analytics Division to develop the model. The Analytics Division utilized Equian's data repository of P&C subrogation data to formulate a unique set of algorithms to predict outcomes and improve the existing process. "P&C organizations have unique challenges when it comes to subrogation. Most carriers rely on manual evaluation of free text with some predictive analytics on a limited amount of structured data to identify losses with subrogation opportunity. EquianAI provides automation that removes tedious human intervention by analyzing the free text, the structured data, and the unstructured data simultaneously. The technology performs in-depth analyses that result in the ability to prioritize claims by scoring recoverable files as High, Medium or Low based on recoverability. Rules based technology then directs the scored cases to appropriate investigation and recovery experts."