Here's what cruisers chose as the best ships for 2019

Los Angeles Times 

The winners of Cruise Critic's reader favorites were announced Wednesday, anointing four ships of varying sizes in the best overall category. The Best Cruises Overall awards went to Celebrity Cruises' Equinox, in the large-ship category; Oceania Cruises' Riviera, in the midsize category; Viking Cruises' Sun, in the medium-small category; and Silversea Cruises' Galápagos, in the small-ship category. Winners were chosen based on consumer reviews and ratings during the last year. Although some of these ships are less accessible to Southern California cruisers -- Equinox and Riviera, for instance, are sailing in the Caribbean -- some winners sail from San Pedro, making departures simple and decreasing the overall cost of a cruise. Princess Cruises' Coral Princess, for example, sails regularly from the World Cruise Center, based in San Pedro.

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