Yemen's blood bank faces threat of closure within days

Al Jazeera 

Yemen's blood bank has sent out an urgent appeal to anyone who will listen as war and a blockade on the capital, Sanaa, may force the centre to close within a week. The National Blood Transfusion Centre director, Dr Adnan al-Hakimi, said the crisis emerged after French medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) informed the bank it was suspending its aid after more than two years of work. "We appeal to all humanitarian organisations in the international community and all financial donors to support the centre, as our medical supplies have nearly run out," said Hakimi. An MSF spokeswoman said the charity had handed over its support for the blood bank to the World Health Organization. "We will only be able to work for one more week, and after that if the humanitarian organisations don't mobilise to support the national centre, it will shut down."