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Hi, What will I provide you? I will provide object detection projects with modern algorithms, including (Yolov4 darknet, Yolov5 PyTorch, SSD, etc.). The delivery code implementation will be in TensorFlow (for yolov4) or PyTorch (for yolov5). What projects have I worked on? I have done many computer vision projects, but significant mentioned below, 🌟 People detection, counting with custom training of yolov4, yolov5 🌟 Multi-classes detection including (Head, body, person). 🌟 Multiple objects detection with tracking using yolov5 and Kalman. 🌟 Deployed Yolov5, Yolov4, SSD on edge devices, including cameras, jetson devices. The project output will include the python code of the developed model, the dataset for your testing purpose, model files, and a brief report regarding steps in code for better understanding. Model files will also be in different formats according to buyer requirements like (.h5, .pt, .onnx, .torchscript etc). Thanks, Regards.

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