Increasing Adoption Of AI, Autonomous Tech Shows Up Gaps In Cybersecurity Protocols

International Business Times 

Futuristic technologies are being adopted at an unprecedented rate -- millions of smart speakers are being sold across the U.S., smart homes are in the making which deploy several internet-of-things devices, and self-driving vehicles are being tested across many states. But even as these technologies are coming ever closer to realization, we haven't yet assessed their usage, impact and security protocols fully. While these technologies become commonplace, the security aspect, especially, has been largely ignored both by the government and the companies backing them. That said, the government has recently begun to act on the issue, making a start with the security guidelines for smart homes. Still, the little bit they have done, like the proposed The Internet Of Things Cybersecurity law, is inadequate as these guidelines cannot be a one-time exercise; they need to be updated periodically -- at least every quarter -- after assessing the risk environment.