Daily Digest March 22, 2019 – BioDecoded


The conventional model of oncogenic RAS-MAPK pathway signaling in cancer suggests that mutations in the pathway render downstream signaling largely independent of regulation (autonomous). However, the emerging model of a semiautonomous state through which pathological RAS signaling remains under some control suggests a potential therapeutic opportunity to target upstream regulators, such as SHP2, SOS, and GRB2. Mass spectrometry is a predominant experimental technique in metabolomics and related fields, but metabolite structural elucidation remains highly challenging. Researchers report SIRIUS 4 (https://bio.informatik.uni-jena.de/sirius/), Amazon SageMaker is an end-to-end machine learning platform that enables users to prepare training data and build machine learning models quickly using pre-built Jupyter notebook with pre-built algorithms.