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Tala's Director of Data Analytics Lauren Moores provides insight into how the company uses mobile data to give financial identi... Adra Graves, senior data analyst at OpenTable, highlights the problems that arise when analysts and data scientists are spread ... Annie Flippo, manager of analytics at Thinknear by Telenav, shares some insight into how her team uses GPS data and capabilitie... Hawthorne Direct's Head of Technology Sarah Arnett shares her rationale for bringing data science, engineering, and product und... Beachbody's Director of Data Aarthi Sridharan talks about the roadblocks she has encountered trying to align business stakehold... Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce -- but only 24% of STEM workers are women, according to the Census Bureau. How Do We Get More Women into Data Science? We asked panelists and attendees at our DataScience: Elevate - Spotlight: Women in Technology event to share with us the data s... Amgen Principal DevOps Lead and Data Scientist Pam McCaslin explains how the pharma company uses DevOps to shorten the time it ... Verizon Wireless Data Scientist Aurora LePort builds predictive models to understand customer churn and other behaviors. We asked experts at Verizon Wireless, Netflix, Oracle, and other companies where they see machine learning and artificial intel... What Does the Future Hold for Machine Learning? Shiny applications are ideal for non-technical decision makers who want a code-free way to interact with data.