AI wrote fake Trump speeches and 60% of people couldn't tell the difference


In a test of how online technology could be used to interfere with the upcoming presidential election, 6 in 10 people could not tell the difference between a real speech from President Trump and a fake one generated through artificial intelligence. In a unique project shared with Secrets, a computer program dubbed "RoboTrump" successfully wrote passages of Trump-like speeches that tricked Americans, especially Trump supporters. Overall, the correct source -- Trump or RoboTrump -- was picked 40% of the time, according to the project's manager The analysis said, "While Trump's rambling style probably makes differentiating between real and fake more difficult than it would be for a more eloquent and talented speaker, today's new natural language generation AI models have reached a tipping point in their ability to generate fake, real-sounding text." The project tested 20 different paragraphs on 10 topics.

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