Yuneec's latest drone comes with 4K shooting, voice controls, and face detection


Yuneec has announced a new addition to its lineup of consumer drones called the Mantis Q. It has a bunch of features for a $500 drone: 4K video, voice controls, and face detection, plus a top flying speed of 44 mph and 33 minutes of flight time. The Mantis Q weighs 1 pound and can be folded to fit into a backpack, making it ideal for families and casual photographers. The drone has three automatic flight modes: "journey mode," which flies on a straight, designated path; "point of interest," which circles an assigned object; and "return to home," which automatically returns the drone near its takeoff area. The Mantis Q is supposed to be able to recognize faces from up to 13 feet away and can take photos either through gesture control mode if the user waves their hand, or through a voice command like, "Take a selfie."

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