AI is starting to get seriously smart, perhaps worryingly so » Banking Technology


"Clearly humans can't be allowed to have any interaction with their customers…" We've seen a couple of artificial intelligence (AI) shout-outs this week with Microsoft targeting telcos' worryingly poor customer service record and European scientists potentially creating the building blocks for Skynet, reports Starting in the Microsoft offices, the team has paired up with Amdocs to provide an intelligent solution to one of the biggest questions which has faced the telco space in years; why are we so poor at customer services? The SmartBot technology actually comes from Amdocs, but the intelligence is going to be from Microsoft's AI solution, Cortana. "Here, we present robots whose bodies and control systems can merge to form entirely new robots that retain full sensorimotor control," the paper reads. In this example, the scientists are proposing putting the intelligence in the machines, which can be scaled as the machines merge.