Center for Security Research and Education announces seed grant awardees


CSRE is providing a total of $300,000 in funding for the projects, with an additional $300,000 in matching and supplemental funding from other colleges, departments, and institutes. "Today's challenges to global, national, and individual security are numerous and complex," said CSRE Director James W. Houck, "and we are delighted to support these innovative and exciting initiatives." CSRE was established in 2017 to promote interdisciplinary research and education to protect people, infrastructure and institutions from the broad range of threats and hazards confronting society today. Contributing units include the Provost and Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, as well as the colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Engineering, Information Sciences and Technology, and the Liberal Arts; Penn State Law and the School of International Affairs; Penn State Harrisburg; Applied Research Laboratory; Institute for Computational and Data Sciences; Institutes of Energy and the Environment; Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences; and the Social Sciences Research Institute. In its first three years, CSRE has provided over $633,000 in funding, augmented by an additional $581,000 from contributing units, to a total of 39 seed projects and faculty fellowships and hosted a number of guest speakers, workshops and other events.

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