The Hover Camera will follow you around in the air and record your entire life


Though the Hover Camera has four propeller blades and a camera on its front, Meng Qiu "MQ" Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics, prefers to call it a "flying camera." Whether that's walking down Fifth Avenue enjoying an ice cream cone on a sweltering hot day or mountain biking off some cliff, the Hover Camera wants to be right there next to you without you needing to fiddle with complicated remote controls to fly it. The Hover Camera is enclosed in a carbon fiber frame and has a 13-megapixel camera on the front that shoots 4K video. I agree with MQ that drones are too complex for most people to fly without crashing them and endangering people around them. The Hover Camera -- which people will inevitably call a drone, anyway -- is relatively small.

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