Will Trump's tariffs push the EU and China closer together?

Al Jazeera 

Last week, leaders from the European Union (EU) met their Chinese counterparts in a key 2-day summit in Beijing and pledged to deepen the bloc's relationship with China against the backdrop of increasing uncertainty in their relationship with the United States. The Beijing summit took place as US President Donald Trump held a controversial joint press conference with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. The summit also followed a tense NATO meeting last week, where Trump appeared content to elevate his chastisement of Washington's most trusted allies and security partners - most of them in Europe. In addition to all this, the Trans-Atlantic relationship has been further frayed with a toxic battle over trade - with the Trump administration imposing heavy tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the EU (in addition to those from other allies, including Canada and Japan). China is also feeling the bite from Washington's protectionist approach, with the Trump administration levying a 25 percent tariff on $34bn of Chinese goods and also listing an additional $200bn that may be subjected to a 10 percent tariff.