Time for Australia to build a cybersecurity industry: Stone & Chalk


Stone & Chalk CEO Alex Scandurra has proposed that cybersecurity discussions will help large organisations and local startups come together. "What we're proposing to do is to create a joint cybersecurity innovation program where we bring the two sides of the market together," he said during the opening of the National Fintech Cyber Security Summit in Sydney on Tuesday. "We have an opportunity to bring large organisations, including government, to represent the demand side of the equation, and to surface those opportunities and those problems to be solved, and then bring the supply side of the market -- which are top researchers and research organisations like Data 61, and some of our key universities together with top startups and innovative talent -- to create and commercialise that very same IP the big end of town is looking for and is ready to consume." Scandurra pointed out that this move will help Australia develop its own local cybersecurity community, something that he believes Australia is more than capable of creating. "We need, as a country, to leverage our collective talent, but also not continually rely on Israel, the US, and other markets to provide us cybersecurity capabilities.

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