Predicting Workplace Outcomes with Machine Learning - Spica Technologies


Our Platform is helping to bring the working environment into the 21st century, utilising a wide range of real-time monitoring and indoor-positioning technology to help organisations get the most from their office environment – from the environmental conditions, right down to the individual utilisation of a desk and guiding people to suitable spaces to work. But there is a second huge bonus to all this technology which has so far gone relatively untapped: every minute of every hour of every day, each of these sensors send little packets of data to our servers to be securely stored. Over the course of a year, one single device will send half a million of these tiny packets of data. When scaled up to a modern office with 1000s of desks, this steady trickle of data becomes a torrent, flowing every minute into our databases, waiting to be mined for valuable business insights. Over the past few years, techniques and technologies around Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science have emerged from academic research, ready to be exploited.

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