In a first, university succeeds in raising endangered Japanese eels, a delicacy

The Japan Times 

A university known for a technique to cultivate bluefin tuna has succeeded in incubating and growing Japanese eels, an endangered species that is a sought-after delicacy. Kindai University, which sells the tuna it farms, said Friday it grew the eels for 50 days and aims to achieve "full-cycle" aquaculture of eels -- breeding the eels it incubates and cultivates -- for commercial use. In 2002, Kindai University became the first institution in the world to achieve full-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna. The fish has gained popularity as "Kindai tuna." "With eels as well, we will try to achieve sustainable aquaculture without depleting natural resources," said Shukei Masuma, head of the Aquaculture Research Institute of the university, based in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture.

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