Covid hoaxes are using a loophole to stay alive--even after content is deleted

MIT Technology Review 

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Technology and Social Change Research Project at Harvard Kennedy's Shorenstein Center, where I am the director, has been investigating how misinformation, scams, and conspiracies about covid-19 circulate online. If fraudsters are now using the virus to dupe unsuspecting individuals, we thought, then our research on misinformation should focus on understanding the new tactics of these media manipulators. What we found was a disconcerting explosion in "zombie content." In April, Amelia Acker, assistant professor of information studies at UT Austin, brought our attention to a popular link containing conspiratorial propaganda suggesting that China is hiding important information about covid-19. The original post was from a generic-looking site called News NT, alleging that 21 million people had died from covid-19 in China.