Netanyahu accuses Iran of 'secretly' pursuing nuclear programme

Al Jazeera 

Israel's prime minister has accused Iran of secretly pursuing a nuclear programme amid rising tensions in the Middle East. Unveiling a shelf full of files purporting to show that Iran is "brazenly lying" when it says it does not have a nuclear programme, Benjamin Netanyahu gave a special presentation on Monday claiming to present "conclusive" evidence of the "secret programme". His presentation came against a backdrop of sustained efforts by the US administration and its allies at home and in the Middle East to cancel, or at least renegotiate, the 2015 nuclear pact signed between Iran and the US, France, Russia, Germany, China, the UK and the European Union. "You may well know that Iran's leaders repeatedly denied ever pursuing nuclear weapons ... well tonight I'm here to tell you one thing; Iran lied, big time," Netanyahu said during his presentation. He claimed that after signing the nuclear deal, Iran intensified its efforts to hide files pertaining to its nuclear programme.