Can AI be Used To Fight Climate Change


We invited three industry expert speakers using AI to battle climate change. During the hour long webinar, Anita Faul, Data Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, Lauren Kuntz, CEO and Co-Founder of Gaiascope and Topher White, CEO and Founder of Rainforest Connections walked us through their business use applications of AI to fight the change in climate. Anita started her talk with an explanation of the Thwaites Glacier, otherwise know as the'Doomsday Glacier'. This glacier is responsible for 4% of all sea level increase - if it were to melt completely, sea levels would rise by half a meter in total (hence the name). Therefore, Anita's objective at the Antarctic Survey is to identify icebergs efficiently and reliably in Synthetics Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite images to estimate ice loss.

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