Automation could make 12 million jobs redundant. Here's who's most at risk


Automation will replace some jobs, but also create new ones. Up to a third of jobs in Europe could be made redundant by automation over the next 20 years as companies battle to increase productivity and fill skills gaps created by an ageing population, according to Forrester. The tech analyst's latest Future of Jobs Forecast estimates that as many as 12 million jobs could be lost to automation across Europe by 2040, primarily impacting workers in industries such as retail, food services, and leisure and hospitality. Mid-skill labour jobs that consist of simple, routine tasks are most at risk from automation, the report said. These roles make up 38% of the workforce in Germany, 34% of the workforce in France, and 31% of the workforce in the UK. In total, 49 million jobs in'Europe-5' (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK) face being lost to automation, according to Forrester.

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