Ethiopia, Eritrea and the hope for lasting peace

Al Jazeera 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - On Tuesday, as dawn broke with a hint of sunlight piercing through the thick rain-season clouds, residents in Addis Ababa woke up to an unusual sight. A spectacle so rare, not seen for more than two decades: an Eritrean flag hanging side-by-side their own one from lamp posts in the main streets of the Ethiopian capital. Nearby, several banners reading "Welcome" in Amharic, Ethiopia's main language, and in Tigrinya, one of Eritrea's official languages, also appeared. Bigger surprises were in store for them. It wasn't long before news bulletins announced a high-level delegation from Eritrea - Addis Ababa's long-time foe - would arrive in Addis Ababa for landmark peace talks.

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