No Escape From SD-WAN: RSA 2019 Perspectives - SDxCentral


Analysts are not employed by SDxCentral and the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in their content belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views of SDxCentral. Note: AvidThink is a separate organization, created by Roy Chua, that is not affiliated with SDxCentral. Coming off the craziness of MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, with 5G, edge, artificial intelligence (AI), and yes, SD-WAN too, we at AvidThink were hoping for a change of landscape as we braved the halls of the recently upgraded Moscone Center in San Francisco. And to a certain extent, there was a refreshing change of pace: instead of the eight-plus halls, there were only two halls merged into one large indistinct blob thanks to Moscone's recent updates. And we were now in the land of malware, phishing, micro-segmentation, and security analytics – every aisle boasted one of these analytics companies.