Cerebras prepares for the era of 120 trillion-parameter neural networks


Cerebras added to its previously annouced CS-2 AI computer with a new switch product, the SwarmX, that does routing but also calculations, and a memory computer containing 2.4 petabytes of DRAM and NAND, called MemoryX. Artificial intelligence in its deep learning form is producing neural networks that will have trillions and trillions of neural weights, or parameters, and the increasing scale presents special problems for the hardware and software used to develop such neural networks. "In two years, models got a thousand times bigger and they required a thousand times more compute," says Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO of AI system maker Cerebras Systems, summing up the recent history of neural nets in an interview with ZDNet via Zoom. "That is a tough trajectory," says Feldman. Feldman's company this week is unveiling new computers at the annual Hot Chips computer chip conference for advanced computing.

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