Air Canada Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Tries To Open Cabin Door

International Business Times 

An Air Canada flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday night after an aggressive passenger allegedly began harassing flight crew and passengers and attempted to open the plane's cabin door mid-flight. The Toronto-bound flight from Jamaica was diverted to Orlando International Airport and the Canadian man, later identified as Brandon Courneyea, arrested following a nearly 45-minute ordeal aboard the flight, according to a federal criminal complaint. ABC affiliate WFTV reported Thursday that Air Canada crew contacted the FBI at around 7:30 p.m. shortly after the man began yelling at other passengers for looking at him. The incident escalated after he moved to the back of the plan, grabbed a pot of coffee and began swinging it around while threatening crewmembers. "Courneyea then stated that it would only take one guy to take the plane down and that he wanted to take everyone with him," the criminal complaint said, according to WFTV.

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