Deep learning and machine learning to transform cybersecurity


CYBERSECURITY specialists have been betting on artificial intelligence (AI) to defend their organizations against sophisticated cyberattacks for quite a while now -- and it seems as though deep learning and machine learning have the potential to deliver. AI is a broad term that encompasses computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning, and generally offers the ability to mimic human actions, intelligently, and at incredible speed. For hackers trying to "guess" a password, it means AI can not only use "trial and error" to break into a victim's account much faster but also do it intelligently so that that the account doesn't get locked before the right password is guessed. On the other side of the fence, or network, cybersecurity professionals didn't immediately benefit from AI because systems in place don't automatically lend themselves to the technology -- however, experts bet on two niche elements of AI to find a solution. Those niche areas are machine learning and deep learning.