The power of automation: How AI can help you exceed


As a consumer, I was part of the shift toward contactless dining, and as an entrepreneur and CEO, I was fascinated by restaurants' ability to fully integrate AI in a way that benefits both them and the consumer. The benefits of AI in the hospitality and service industry made me think about how other companies, regardless of their industry, can best use AI for a better end-to-end user experience. Many companies have areas that could easily be automated, like data and document processing (which can be complex, not to mention a little boring), leaving space for employees to focus more on what matters. Imagine how much of your employees' time and energy you could save if you made processes a little easier or took menial tasks off their hands completely. A huge benefit of AI is that it helps automate tasks people simply don't want to do; this can reduce costs and errors while increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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