What Artificial Intelligence Means to Your Sales – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine


In our company, OMOCHI IT, we use Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our processes, mainly focused on sales. Because there are many articles about Artificial Intelligence as something that you could take advantage in the future, but you can apply it today. Let's see a real case where we took advantage or Artificial Intelligence to transform a nearly broken company to the #1 in the Caribbean, from 8 patients a month (Market average is 8–12) to 100 hundred new couples a month using Artificial Intelligence. To place ourselves as the #1 company in the Human Fertility market in the Caribbean, we've followed three principles Most marketing companies are focused on "vanity metrics" (i.e. the number of followers, reach, and likes of the page) instead of on what provides real value (i.e. Page likes and posting frequency is meaningless if you don't interact with your public and the content isn't relevant to your audience.

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