Aichi policewoman takes traffic safety message to seniors, kids

The Japan Times 

Policewomen in Aichi Prefecture, which has had the highest number of traffic fatalities nationwide for the past 14 years, have teamed up to offer safety seminars for elderly people, children and others who are often the victims of such accidents. The team, named Ayumi and established in 2003, includes 24-year-old Maiko Sato, its youngest member, who joined at the end of last year. But Sato became more determined at her job after her 22-year-old brother was severely injured when a car hit his motorbike two months before she began her current post. He was hospitalized for about two months. "Even if it is a street that you're familiar with, remember to stop, look and wait," Sato said during a lecture to 70 elderly residents in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, last month.

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