Putting AI smarts behind multichannel product data


It's for sure not the sexiest topic, but product information management software, or PIM, is becoming more top of mind with B2B companies. These businesses sell across an increasing number of channels from ecommerce sites and print catalogs to social media and voice-activated devices. "I cover ecommerce platforms and PIM technology, and I get three times as many calls on PIM," says Bruce Eppinger, senior analyst for digital business strategy at Forrester Research Inc. Because as more manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers dive into digital commerce, they're learning that it's becoming more important than ever to maintain accurate product information displayed throughout a growing number of channels including internet search results, Google Maps, social media, mobile apps, print catalogs, third-party online marketplaces, as well as their own ecommerce sites. The growing need to optimize content for multiple channels, Eppinger says, "is why the PIM market is growing gangbusters."