Japan's draft energy plan focuses on renewable energy infrastructure, but power source targets left unchanged

The Japan Times 

Japan will focus more on renewables as a key power source in an effort to curb the country's nuclear dependence, a draft energy plan stated Wednesday, despite maintaining the same energy mix targets as before. The plan, which serves as a guide to the country's mid- to long-term energy policy, stresses the need for resource-poor Japan to build infrastructure that will enable it to contribute to the fight against global warming through reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. Nonetheless, the government kept the same targets for its mix of energy sources as in the previous plan. In fiscal 2030, it aims to have renewables account for 22 to 24 percent of electric power generation in the country, while nuclear is intended to comprise 20 to 22 percent. The government hopes to finalize the plan, presented Wednesday to a panel of experts under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and seek Cabinet approval this summer, officials said.