Boston wins as budget squeaks by council vote

Boston Herald 

Calls for police reform by way of budget reallocation and massive revenue shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns are on a collision course around the country, but Boston averted a fiscal disaster as the City Council voted to pass Mayor Marty Walsh's annual budget yesterday. It was a squeaker, but the budget passed 8-5. Compromise seemed to be off the table going in to the vote -- several councilors had already publicly discussed rejecting the budget as it didn't fund major police reforms. Councilor Michelle Wu on Tuesday announced that she intended to vote against the budget, saying, "This proposal makes insufficient progress in creating accountability, appropriately funding public health and making investments in housing stability, education equity and economic access, particularly for communities of color." Rejecting the budget would have triggered a 1/12 budget -- which would level-fund departments but not allow for contractual increases in spending.

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