Riken to resume retinal iPS transplantation in cooperation with Kyoto University

The Japan Times 

KOBE – The Japanese government-affiliated research institute Riken said Monday that it will resume its clinical study in which retinal tissues developed from iPS cells will be transplanted in an eye disease patient, in cooperation with Kyoto University and other medical institutes. In 2014, the Riken Center for Developmental Biology, or CDB, successfully conducted a retinal transplant using induced pluripotent stem cells for the first time in the world. But its second trial was suspended due to a gene abnormality found in iPS cells. In the first trial, iPS cells were created from cells taken from the patient who underwent the transplant. Next time, the study team, led by Masayo Takahashi, project leader at the CDB, plans to use iPS cells created from mature cells of others, since the first operation proved using a patient's own cells is time-consuming and costly.

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