Why Intel Is Tweaking Xeon Phi For Deep Learning


The Knights Landing Xeon Phi chips, which have been shipping in volume since June, deliver a peak performance of 3.46 teraflops at double precision and 6.92 teraflops at single precision, but do not support half precision math like the Pascal GPUs do. The Pascal chips, which run at 300 watts, would still deliver better performance per watt – specifically, 70.7 gigaflops per watt compared to the hypothetical Knights Mill chip based on Knights Landing we are talking about above, which would deliver 56 gigaflops per watt. The "Knights Corner" chip from 2013 was rated at a slightly more than 2 teraflops single precision, and the Knights Landing chip from this year is rated at 6.92 teraflops single precision. Thus, we have a strong feeling that the chart above is not to scale, or that Intel showed half precision for the Knights Mill part and single precision for the Knights Corner and Knights Landing parts.