The Future Is Video: KikBuys Rounds To Jump Into Video Chat Trend

Forbes - Tech 

In mid-2016, a video chat app called Rounds did something that would completely change the course of its lifespan. It released a second app, called Booyah, that let you send links into a popular chat app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, to start a video conference with your friends. You didn't need to register and you could stay in the chat app, but you were using the video technology developed by the team of engineers at Tel Aviv-based Rounds to see and talk to one another, on platforms that didn't have group-video chat capabilities yet. While Rounds had built up a respectable 50 million registered users since 2009, Booyah quickly racked up a million users and, more importantly for its creators, caught the attention of some of the popular chat apps it was being used on. Several reached out to Rounds, says its founder and CEO Dany Fishel, who won't give names.