Box, Cognizant CFOs: Early Days or Not, AI Presents Many Opportunities - Media & Entertainment Services Alliance


Box and Cognizant see abundant opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI), but it's still early days for the technology, according to comments made by both companies' CFOs at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in Las Vegas Sept. 12. The "next wave" of that is "really going to be around all things" AI and ML, Smith told the conference. I think it's still pretty early and although all of these partners are making some pretty major investments, certainly from an image recognition standpoint" Google is "leading the pack there," while "Microsoft is doing some pretty impressive things from a video recognition standpoint." Although AI and automation "are not new terms, the evolution [of them] is fairly new" and how clients are thinking about them for their businesses is "still quite early days," Cognizant CFO Karen McLoughlin told the conference earlier in the day.