Bringing Media Analytics into View - IT Peer Network


Video content will become richer and more data-intensive as it evolves from HD to 4K to 360 and even 8K. Companies are moving these visual workloads to the cloud and edge in order to keep up with capacity, growth and service demands. With the emergence of edge computing and cloudified, 5G networks, organizations have an opportunity to deliver insights through artificial intelligence (AI) that complement new user experiences and are adaptable to the complexities of delivering video content to a global audience. Companies need a visual cloud and media analytics platform that is flexible enough to support changing business models and deployment options, software that enables rapid innovation, and hardware that can scale to provide a range of performance, all while being able to lower total cost of ownership and grow profitability. Intel launched the Intel Select Solutions for Visual Cloud to give companies an easier path towards successful content creation and delivery starting with the Intel Select Solution for Simulation and Visualization and Intel Select Solution for Visual Cloud Delivery Network.

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