The Story of Prescience, A Boutique Data Science Startup From Bengaluru


As the name of this startup suggests, Prescience is in the business of creating products for companies to allow them to foresee events in the future and take preemptive actions. Offering services in analytics consulting, prescriptive analytics, visualisation and business intelligence, among others, this Bengaluru-based startup believes in helping executives improve their anticipation by analysing the past data and deciphering trends, patterns and linkages for better output. "This allows the organisations to get business insights which add to their experience and knowledge, and helps them to be'prescient' about their business", the startup founders say. Analytics India Magazine got in touch with the founding team to get a deeper insight into what the startup offers, the idea behind its conceptualisation, and more. Shivkumar Krishnamurthy, co-founder of Prescience notes that many companies still struggle to figure out how to leverage the power of data analytics due to the complexities involved in it, and the lack of business outcome-driven analytics.