Teaching 'common sense' to artificial intelligence


Ever wonder why virtual assistant Siri can easily tell you what the square root of 1,558 is in an instant but can't answer the question "what happens to an egg when you drop it on the ground?" Artificial intelligence (A.I.) interfaces on devices like Apple's iPhone or Amazon's Alexa often fall flat on what many people consider to be basic questions, but can be speedy and accurate in their responses to complicated math problems. That's because modern A.I. currently lacks common sense. "What people who don't work in A.I. everyday don't realize is just how primitive what we call'A.I.' is nowadays," machine-learning researcher Alan Fern of Oregon State University's College of Engineering told KOIN 6 News. "We have A.I.s that do very specialized, specific things, specific tasks, but they're not general purpose. They can't interact in general ways because they don't have the common sense that you need to do that."

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