No, Flickr didn't hand your photos over to corporations for machine learning Digital Photo Help


Earlier this week, Flickr started taking heat across the web after it was specifically mentioned in a report from NBC News that took a deep dive into the'dirty little secret' of using Creative Commons images to help train facial recognition algorithms. The report mentioned multiple datasets used to help companies train machine learning algorithms to better comprehend diversity in facial recognition programs, but one dataset in particular was emphasized and elaborated on: IBM's'Diversity in Faces' set that was derived and iterated upon from more than 100 million Creative Common images gathered by Yahoo and released for research purposes back in 2014. Almost immediately, users around the web started raining down critical comments. Others, such as Flickr's own Don MacAskill, chimed in as well to help clarify the situation. The issue isn't that Flickr is handing over your photos for free to corporations looking to train their artificial intelligence algorithms.