David's strangely random, oddly wonderful, gadget-delicious gift guide


There comes a time in every tech journalist's year when the Muggles venture out, track us down, and beseech us for holiday gift recommendations. At the top of the list is the quintessential request: "I'd like to get them a powerful computer they can use at school to edit video, plot the orbit of the moon, and play those fancy games. What can I get for under $50?" Here's a great lineup of gift ideas and resources to get you started. It's at this point when every intrepid tech journalist takes on a pained and guilty expression and channels the internal Ebenezer. For, of course, as the messengers, it is our fault that such wonderments aren't available for the mere price of nearly free. Though we break it to our friends as gently as possible, we know that somewhere deep down, they blame us for ruining Christmas. In this 2020, oh glorious year of what the hell happened to us, I bring you wonderments, both inexpensive and unusual.

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