No Celebrities Required: How to Create Great Influencer Content


While the Content Marketing Institute doesn't have that Kardashian/soda brand relationship or actor/automobile manufacturer combo, we use influencers to create an e-book to market Content Marketing World. While you may not be promoting a live event, you likely can learn more about how to create an influencer-based piece of content from the lessons we've learned producing this e-book over the years, including the 2018 Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing. Before you begin the creative, ask yourself (or the agency if you're working with a partner like we did with TopRank Marketing): Working with TopRank, we decided our influencer piece – an e-book – would help generate awareness of the event. The metrics included views, downloads, and shares. However, ultimately the goal is event registration so we also tracked conversions from promotions as well as from any influencers.