Stanford MBA Student, 25, Launches 3-D Printed Manicure Business With Her Friends

Forbes - Tech 

Grace Chiang, 25, had long been obsessed with manicures. But during a stint at McKinsey, she never had time to get her nails done the way she wanted. So while working towards her MBA at Stanford, she launched a company,, to sell women 3-D printed manicures by subscription with two friends from school, Jooyeon Song and David Miro Llopis. It's an out-of-the-box idea for 3-D printing, but technologically there's not a lot of difference between 3-D printing a keychain and doing the same for a set of highly designed nails. The company launched in April, and has minimal sales to date, but was recently accepted into the new Stanley Techstars accelerator for additive manufacturing, the lone consumer company in the current class of 10.

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