The Brookings glossary of AI and emerging technologies – IAM Network


Algorithms: According to author Pedro Domingos, algorithms are "a sequence of instructions telling a computer what to do."[1] These software-based coding rules started with simple and routine tasks, but now have advanced into more complex formulations, such as providing driving instructions for autonomous vehicles, identifying possible malignancies in X-rays and CT scans, and assigning students to public schools. Algorithms are widely used in finance, retail, communications, national defense, and many other areas. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Indian engineers Shukla Shubhendu and Jaiswal Vijay define AI as "machines that respond to stimulation consistent with traditional responses from humans, given the human capacity for contemplation, judgment, and intention."[2] This definition emphasizes several qualities that separate AI from mechanical devices or traditional computer software, specifically intentionality, intelligence, and adaptability.