Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering (Computational Intelligence): Nikola K. Kasabov: 9780262112123: Books


The author has performed an excellent job in explaining the fundamental ideas and practical methods of different AI techniques. AI problems in the field ( pattern recognition, speech and image processing, classification, planning, optimization, control, time-series and analogy-based prediction, diagnosis, decision making and game simulations) are discussed and illustrated with examples . Especially useful are the comparisons between different techniques (AI rule Cbased methods, fuzzy methods, connectionist methods, and hybrid systems for knowledge engineering) used to solve the same or similar problems. The presented text is suitable for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as a reference for researchers in the field of knowledge engineering.The book¡ s appendices summarize data sets for the examples in the book. All data sets are available through anonymous FTP.